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Experience the Pacific Northwest with us. Flannel isn’t required, but it doesn’t hurt. Portlandia’s wines are a tribute to the Pacific Northwest, its stunning surroundings and never too serious spirit of adventure. Consider our wines an invitation to discover the cultural and natural beauty of the region, even when you’re not here.


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It's Been A Journey

Born from one of the longest road trips in the United States, Florida to the Pacific Northwest. In 1999 Damian Davis embarked on the cross-country trek for a new job in the tech industry. While en route, he found himself in the Willamette Valley during harvest and “the most beautiful ag-land I had ever seen”. By the time he reached his new home, his car was so loaded with bottles that he barely made it. After that, the pull of Oregon’s mesmerizing wine country was persistent. Damian found the Willamette Valley to be a Pinot lover’s dream, with its rolling green hills, iron-rich soils and cooling ocean breezes. He was so smitten, that in 2008 he left his tech career to pursue a new start in the wine industry and founded Portlandia.

Damian Davis, Winemaker

Unique Character

The Pacific Northwest’s diverse microclimates, soil types, and conditions make it a prime location for growing a variety of wines, from Pinot Noir in the cooler Willamette Valley to Cabernet and Syrah in the warmer Columbia Valley. The wines from Oregon and Washington are as unique and varied as the region itself.

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